A functional fitness gym focuses on movement patterns that help you get better at everyday activities like pulling, pushing, lifting, and squatting.

The CDC reported only 23% of adults in the US are getting enough exercise. 

Getting enough exercise in the week is imperative for our health. Even doing simple things such as taking the stairs or parking further away from a store entrance makes a difference in our daily routine. 

There are plenty of gyms and workout studios that offer an array of activities to get our blood pumping. You probably know plenty of people that go for weekly yoga, pilates, or spin classes. 

But have you heard of a functional fitness gym? It could be the gym environment you’ve been looking for. We’ll explain more in the guide below. 

What Is a Functional Fitness Gym? 

A functional fitness gym is a fitness center dedicated to functional training. Once you step inside a functional fitness gym, you’ll see people pushing, pulling, and lifting. 

More specifically, someone might be lifting free weights while another person squats. A functional fitness center might have rowing machines, battling ropes, and tires. 

Before grabbing a gym membership, let’s discuss the point of this type of workout. 

Functional Training

Functional training is a form of personal training that focuses on improving our body’s everyday functionality. The aim is to bring purpose and intentionality into the workout. 

Take a second to think about how many things you lift, open, and push on throughout the week. Our bodies carry heavy loads of groceries, and parents have to squat down to pick up their children. 

It’s important to keep our bodies working together as we carry out our daily activities. 

Working the Whole Body

A major benefit of functional training is having the opportunity to work several groups of muscles at one time. This teaches our bodies to work together in a safe and smooth fashion.

The more you focus on utilizing several groups of muscles to complete a workout, the more often your brain will utilize groups of muscles throughout the day. You’ll quickly find tasks that were once difficult have become easier. 

Your body is also better protected against injuries and strains after consistent functionality training. Muscle groups rely on each other rather than putting a single group under extreme stress. 

Do you know that heavy box on the floor that you’ve been needing to move for weeks? It has nothing against you!

Improved Balance and Posture

Not only does functional fitness encourage our bodies to work together, but it also improves a person’s balance and posture. 

As muscles work together more, you’ll naturally learn how to better distribute the weight in your body as you sit and stand. This results in better posture. You’ll feel much more relaxed as you sit at your desk.

Your improved focus and coordination will bring you improved balance throughout the day. This improved balance helps many athletes in trickier sports such as snowboarding and skating!

Functional Fitness Exercises to Try 

Are you ready to establish your own functional fitness routine? While attending a fitness center is encouraged, it’s not required for an effective workout. 

The Suitcase Squat

Grab 2 dumbbells! You can also use heavy canned food items or water bottles if you don’t have dumbbells. 

Stand straight with your core muscles engaged. With a dumbbell in each hand, separate your feet about shoulder-width apart. Your palms should face inwards as your arms rest against the side of your body. 

Bend your knees as you push your hips back into a squatting position. Come up with your glutes engaged. Make sure to drive through your heels as you lengthen up. 

Farmer’s Walk 

With the same 2 dumbbells, stand straight up and draw your shoulders back. Keep your chest tight, your abs engaged, and your chin up. 

Begin to walk forward in even steps. If you don’t feel challenged with the dumbbells, find heavier ones or use heavy kettlebells. 

See how long you can comfortably walk. Record your time. 

Jump Squat 

At this point in the workout, you can set aside the dumbbells. 

Go back to standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Engage your core once again and begin to bend your knees down into a squat position. 

Push up through your heels into a jump. You can even swing your arms each time you squat and jump to generate better height. 

Things to Try Throughout the Day

Don’t worry! If you don’t have time to head to the gym for a workout, there are small things you can do throughout the day to improve your body’s functionality. 

The next time you’re carrying in your groceries, hold a few bags in each hand. Engage your core, and pull back your shoulder blades. Extra points if you have stairs to climb while holding your groceries!

Do you have a small toddler? Let them feel like Superman as you lift them up into the air. Carry them as they fly around your living room. 

If you have a friend or family member moving in the near future, offer to help move some furniture and boxes. Moving is a no-joke workout.

Visit a Functional Fitness Gym 

Get your body moving and heart pumping by visiting a functional fitness gym. If you don’t have the time, try the above-mentioned exercises in your home. 

Functional fitness is great for improving posture, balance, and coordination. It makes everyday activities much easier. 

Are you looking to disrupt your workout routine in the best way possible? Visit Regymen Fitness today. Use our site to check out our locations, and try a workout for free today.