Did you know that 27.5% of the population is recognized as sedentary? Since the rise of remote working and isolation during the pandemic, people have been sitting more than usual. 

Now, if you’re one of those women who want to make a change and get active, then HIIT classes are the magic solution. 

But, we all know how hard it can be to gather up the energy and grab your gym clothes. It can be easy to get demotivated when you’re scrolling your phone and seeing fabulous influencers looking great…

When, in reality, your hair is messy and you’ve had a tough day working. The last thing on your mind is exercise. However, that’s just because you haven’t found the right workout! 

Ready to get active with HIIT workout classes? If not, these benefits will inspire you to get sweaty! 

What Is HIIT Training?

Similar to circuit training HIIT classes focus on getting a high amount of calories burned in a short amount of time. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and it’s life-changing. 

Normally, the exercises start slow and build up to be fast and intense. Plus, HIIT workout classes have short intervals for recovery time. Before you click exit on this blog and freak out about the idea of non-stop exercise…

Keep this in mind, it’s not as bad as it sounds. By combining a mixture of strength and cardio you’re getting the best of both worlds when it comes to fitness. 

The good news is, that you can also try different HIIT exercises to find the perfect program that suits your needs. For example, cycling, sprints, and bodyweight exercises are all options for HIIT. 

So, have you wanted to get back on a bike but just don’t have the time to cycle in nature as much as you’d like? Then, HIIT is the answer! 

The Science Behind HIIT 

The popularity of HIIT classes has taken the world by storm, with more people choosing to do twenty-minute workouts instead of fifty-minute sessions. 

Research tells us that a short workout can burn the same amount of calories as a longer workout that is fifty minutes. If you’re looking for a short and sweet workout that burns, then HIIT is the only option.

However, as we’re living in a society where fake news is everywhere, how do we know it works? 

Despite the recent trend in HIIT, this way of exercising has been around for a long time. In 1924, a famous Finnish distance runner used repeated sprints in his training which led him to create a new world record. 

Therefore, there is scientific evidence to back up the fitness trend that proves it has health benefits for people and is a great alternative to other workouts.

Besides the scientific advantages, here’s how HIIT can benefit you! 

How HIIT Can Benefit You

When it comes to changing your fitness program or trying something new, it’s a good idea to know about the benefits. Otherwise, you might sign up for a HIIT for women class and it’s not what you expected.

For the most part, women’s HIIT classes are extremely effective, as women can burn more fat during intense workouts and they help combat monthly hormone changes. 

In addition to this, HIIT exercises for women can also improve bone density and muscles retention. Now, men can also achieve amazing results with HIIT but for this article let’s focus on why they’re great for women.

1. Time Efficient  

As a modern woman, you probably have every minute of your day packed with work tasks, household chores, and catching up with friends or family. The truth is, that the majority of women struggle to find time for fitness. 

And, there’s no shame in that. It’s hard finding time for yourself when there’s so much to do in a day! 

Instead of delaying your workout because you simply don’t have the time, replace your hour-long run with a quick and efficient HIIT workout for women. 

Everyone can squeeze in twenty minutes a day for some exercise, and your body will thank you for it. Not only will a HIIT class make you feel incredible, but it can help you manage your other daily errands. 

2. Improves Your Mental Health

It’s no surprise that HIIT classes can improve your mental health as most forms of exercise are an excellent way to deal with anxiety and depression.

If you’re feeling anxious attending a short class can uplift your mood, and you can resume your day straight afterward. The idea of dedicating one or two hours to exercise can be overwhelming if you suffer from a mental illness.

So, cutting down your fitness program into small, manageable chunks of time can be a game-changer, and can help you stick to a fitness routine in the long term.

Furthermore, you can treat yourself to a fresh smoothie or a bunch of flowers after completing a workout. It’s all about self-care at the end of the day!

3. Fits Into Your Female Cycle

Perhaps, the most obvious difference between men and women is that females experience their monthly cycles. This can be a frustrating time of the month for women who like to exercise regularly. 

Amongst the cramps, food cravings, and general tiredness there’s nothing worse than not being able to go to the gym on your period. You end up feeling worse, and no one wants that. 

The secret spell to fighting hormonal blues and feeling confident despite the time of the month is HIIT. On average women feel stronger during the first half of their cycle as the estrogen levels are the highest.

Therefore, the beginning phase of your cycle is the best time to lift weights or do HIIT exercise. You’ll have the most energy at this time of the month which is necessary for a successful HIIT workout. 

Being able to plan your monthly fitness schedule, by using apps or tracking your periods, is a great way to predict when your hormone levels will drop.

Once you know this information, you can book your HIIT workouts. You can even bring your girlfriends along with you and do it together! 

4. The Best Exercise for Pregnancy 

Along with menstruation cycles, women also have to cope with pregnancy effects that limit their movement and exercise. That being said, just because you’re expecting a little one that shouldn’t stop you from doing HIIT! 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will benefit you and your baby as it can help manage stress levels, avoid muscle pains, and keep you distracted from mood swings that occur during this time. 

The downfall of pregnancy is the bodily side effects from back pain, pelvic pain, and fatigue. Even though it’s tempting to stay in bed and snack on ice cream, sometimes it’s better to get up and move. 

Doing HIIT exercises can also help you manage your weight during pregnancy, and help you prepare for childbirth. However, if you have any concerns you can always talk with your doctor. 

Overall, the benefits of HIIT for pregnant women are worth it when you’re feeling down, sore, and tired. You’ll get the energy boost you crave and you’ll feel amazing! 

5. Sleep Like a Baby

As we get older sleep can become a problem as there are more life concerns, financial worries, and other problems playing on our minds. It can be hard to get those extra few hours of sleep every night.

Instead, most of us substitute sleep for a few more cups of coffee…

Does that sound familiar? 

Although coffee can make us feel more awake, it’s not a solution for the future. Exercise such as HIIT is the remedy for sleeping problems. By doing HIIT at least three times a week you can start seeing an improvement. 

You only need to google the benefits of exercise for sleep to find hundreds of articles telling you the same thing, but in regards to HIIT, it can make a difference. 

A short break from work and a twenty-minute sweat session might provide you with those eight perfect hours of sleep that you’ve been wanting for months. 

So, give it a go. You have nothing to lose! 

6. Versatile Exercise

The stereotype is that women are multi-taskers and in some cases, that’s true, especially if you’re a mother. Between laundry and homework duties there isn’t a lot of extra time.

However, as women tend to manage a variety of exercises better than men, HIIT is ideal for those of you who like some variety and have little time. 

It can be repetitive doing the same reps for the same amount of time every day in the gym. For instance, it’s not unusual for people to give up on powerlifting because of its restrictive nature, and repetitive program. 

That’s why HIIT has revolutionized the way we look at fitness. HIIT is designed to be versatile and use different parts of the body. It also provides a space for people with ADHD or other mental illnesses to exercise. 

HIIT is making fitness more inclusive for women of any shape or size, and who have mental illnesses. It’s a welcoming environment that supports women of all ages! 

7. Connects You to a Female Community

Building connections in your local community is an important part of your overall well-being, and HIIT classes are wonderful occasions to meet other women. 

When you’re dripping with sweat and feeling tired it can be beneficial to have a friend there to support you. Even a simple “You got this!” from a fellow HIIT partner is enough to keep you going during a session

The people you meet through HIIT classes can also become part of your social circle outside the gym. Bonding over a common interest such as exercise can make it easier to make new friends. 

You can even attend HIIT workout sessions in a new city if you move location, or sign up with a work colleague. As well as that you can take your daughters or mothers! 

Joining HIIT classes allows you to become part of a community where you can find like-minded people and new friends. As you can see investing your time into fitness will pay off in all areas of your life. 

Why HIIT Is the Best Exercise

Speaking of creating excitement and enjoyment out of exercise, there’s only one place to go for HIIT classes. REGYMEN is not your average gym with radio music in the background and crowded floors…

At REGYMEN it’s all about performance and immersion. Through a unique approach to theatrical lighting, high-quality sound systems, and game-like fitness programs, you have everything you need to succeed with HIIT. 

For HIIT classes you’ll be looking at the Burn workout schedule, which is all about elevating your heart rate and burning those calories. Take some time for yourself and book a slot with REGYMEN.

You deserve it. 

Just remember these benefits of HIIT for women: 

  • Short and effective
  • Makes your smile 
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps manage hormones 
  • Keeps your healthy through pregnancy 
  • Solves your sleeping problems 
  • Something different 
  • Connects you with a female fitness community 

After reading this article you can see that the benefits of HIIT for women are obvious. You can fit all the health benefits into a short session that can be completed whenever you need it. 

There’s no expensive gym equipment required. All you need is a good attitude and a booked slot at REGYMEN. 

Unleash Your Female Power With HIIT Classes

Any woman can be strong as long as she puts in the work. Going to HIIT classes is a good first step towards becoming the best version of yourself, and getting healthier.

If you’re worried about exercising alone and need some moral support, then REGYMEN has a lovely community of women who will be there to help you.

You don’t need to sacrifice your downtime as the sessions are short. It will be over before you know it.

So, there are no excuses. You can do this! 

Ready to turn your life around with HIIT workouts? Then, reach out for more information and book your first session today.