That little voice inside your head not doing the trick? It maybe time to pull out the reinforcements by recruiting a friend or partner to workout alongside you. Besides being a lot more FUN, working out with a friend boasts many benefits.

When someone else holds you accountable to your workouts, it’s far easier to stick to it. Plus, pushing each other during the workouts ensures you get a better workout each time. Counting on a friend spurs on friendly competition as you push each other to perform extra reps, select heavier weight, and go the extra mile. Research shows that social support can indeed boast your workout gains.

While gaining the basic benefits of working out, like better sleep and increased energy, friends that work out together are more likely to meet their goals because of their shared intention.

Next time you lace up your shoes to workout, grab your friend and try out these fun partner exercises. Your dreaded sweat session can be transformed into much needed fun.


Always warmup 5-10 minutes before you begin.  Consult your physician before beginning any new workout regimen.

Repeat 3 rounds of each exercise 15 times.  Complete a walk/jog/run/stairs in between each round.

—Partner Squat

—Push Up to Hamstring

—Crunch & Climb

—Wall Sit with Tricep Dip

—Plank Tap

Partner Squat

  • Face your partner standing with legs outside of hips
  • Lower down in a squat position at the same time
  • As you lower to a squat, rotate your torso and grasp arms
  • Return to start and repeat switching sides

Push Up to Hamstring Curl

  • Partner one comes down to a kneeling position, while partner two holds their legs from behind
  • With torso braced, Partner one lowers to the floor for a push up then returns to the starting position

Crunch and Climb

  • Partner One lies on their back with knees bent
  • Partner Two comes to a plank position with hands on Partner One’s knees
  • As Partner One does sit-ups, Partner Two does mountain climbers

Wall Sit with Tricep Dip

  • Partner One holds in a seated position against a sturdy wall
  • Partner Two faces away from the wall with hands on Partner One’s thighs
  • Partner two lowers down at the elbows in a tricep dip then returns to the starting position

Plank Tap

  • Begin with each partner facing each other in a plank position
  • Partners use opposite hands to “High-Five”
  • Alternate hands between each rep
  • To modify, perform plank with knees on the ground

Leah Seacrest, Corporate Vice President of Fitness & Operations at REGYMEN Fitnesshas over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry as a fitness instructor, director and studio owner.