It can sometimes feel quite overwhelming to join a group fitness class, especially if you are new to fitness in general. Small group fitness classes are typically best as you will get adequate attention as you would as if you were working out with a personal trainer. However, to make the most of any group fitness class, following our tips below is your key to success!

Always do your research prior to selecting a group class and make sure you feel like you would be a good fit – even whilst pushing yourself. 

Arrive Early

Arriving early will allow you to ask any questions you may have and to get your equipment set up if it is being used. When you are setting up your station, don’t choose weights that are too heavy. It can be tempting to want to flaunt your strength, but if you are not used to heavier weights, this could lead to injury. Instead, opt for weight that is slightly less than what you think you can handle. You can always add weight on throughout the workout, but it can be harder taking it off (and may feel embarrassing to do so!). 

Avoid Hiding 

It is so easy when joining a group fitness class to go to the back of the class and hide, especially if you are new and feel you are not sure of what you are doing. However, this is the worst place to be as your class instructor cannot see you to correct your form or provide you with guidance or encouragement you may need. Being directly in the front may make you feel vulnerable, so opt for the second row if that is the case. You will also be able to follow along a lot better and won’t feel as afraid to speak up if you don’t understand something.

Be Open with Your Instructor

If it is your first time attending a class or perhaps you have an injury of some sort, always speak to your instructor before beginning the class. This way, they can provide you with information you may need to help you get through the class and can provide modifications for moves that could aggravate any existing injuries you have. Do not worry or feel embarrassed if your form isn’t great the first few times, it does take time to perfect this! Just take in any feedback you are given and try to use it to work on improving your form. 

Leave Your Ego at Home

If you have worked out before and have a bit more confidence you can sometimes feel tempted to show off; however, many times people end up with injuries due to this. The majority of instructors will add their own unique twist to classes, so for example, you may have attended a spin class with one instructor for years and decide to try a new class; don’t expect your new spin instructor to follow the same routine. It is actually a good idea to try new ideas so that you do not become complacent and too comfortable with the same class, otherwise you will not be challenging yourself, and this is when you are likely to see yourself plateau.

Break if Needed

Of course, your instructor is there to push you, but don’t be afraid to take a break if you feel as though you need it. There is a big difference between pushing yourself and challenging yourself and pushing yourself too hard, potentially causing an injury. Some people feel embarrassed to take a break, as they think it is a sign of weakness, but at the end of the day, keeping yourself safe is best!

Have Fun!

Don’t forget to have fun! You don’t want to be too hard on yourself and end up not enjoying your class. Instead, lighten up and loosen up and just try to make the most of it by having fun. Group classes are a great way to make friends and in time, you can develop your form. But start out by enjoying yourself, getting to know the instructor and the other members of your class. This will help also build your confidence so you can begin to push yourself once you are more comfortable. 

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