Need to freshen up your workout?  Searching for more of a challenge? Look no further than the geographical treasure right in our own backyard! The beach provides a whole new ‘playground’ to maximize calorie burn. In addition to revving up energy expenditure, it also allows you to enjoy the beautiful view and breathe fresh air.

Exercising in the sand provides a constant sifting surface requiring your muscles to work harder.  t’s instability engages some of the muscles that may not normally be engaged on the gym floor or pavement. The extra effort demanded on the body results in more bang for your buck when comparing the same workout on a stable surface to an unstable one! And, because the sand absorbs your work, it is actually kinder on your joints.

For your next workout, instead of heading to the gym, head to the beach!


Always warmup 5-10 minutes before you begin. Consult your physician before beginning any new workout regimen.

Walk/Jog/run 800 m (that’s about a half mile)

Repeat 3 rounds of each exercise below 10 times.

–Sumo Jump Squat

–Sand Bucket Shuttle Run


–Beach Towel Jump

–Beach Towel Get Ups

–Walk/Jog/Run 800 m

–Cool down by walking on a shoreline and stretching


  • Start in a standing position with feet outside of hips and toes turned slightly outward
  • Squat down as low as possible fingertips towards the ground
  • Drive and jump upward using your arms for momentum
  • Land with knees bent and repeat
  • Keep your chest lifted throughout the movement and midsection braced


  • Place three buckets at equal distance from one another (if you don’t have buckets, you can use anything including just drawing lines in the sand!) 
  • Designate one bucket as your starting line
  • Sprint to the second bucket and touch the sand. 
  • Sprint returning to your starting line. 
  • Sprint to the third bucket and touch the sand.  R
  • Return again to your starting line
  • That completes one rep


  • Start in a standing position
  • Bending forward, place hands on the ground and crawl to a plank position
  • Perform a pushup by lowering your chest to the ground
  • Crawl hands back towards your feet
  • Return to standing
  • Keep midsection braced.  Perform pushup on your knees to modify


  • Lay out your towel and begin from one side
  • Start in a standing position, feet hip width apart
  • Squat slightly with hands behind you
  • Drive your hips forward, using arms for momentum, and jump over the towel
  • Land with knees bent, turn around.  That completes one rep.


  • Using your towel, stand at the end with it behind you
  • Start in a standing position, feet hip width apart
  • With momentum, squat down and back until you are in a seated position
  • Continue to roll feet back and upward
  • Roll back forward
  • Return to a standing position

Leah Seacrest, Corporate Vice President of Fitness & Operations at REGYMEN Fitnesshas over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry as a fitness instructor, director and studio owner.