That Thing Called Variety: Who Needs It, Anyway?


Seeing as how exercise is the single most exciting activity in the world, what’s the point of shaking things up? You might stand in line for your favorite artist or a rollercoaster ride, but let’s face it: no one’s camping outside the gym in their mom’s sleeping bag to be the first to run through the doors at 5 AM. 

The reason is clear: the traditional workout isn’t appealing to most of us. It takes grit, effort, and discipline.

At REGYMEN we solve that problem with one of life’s greatest treasures: variety! By incorporating different, ever-changing movements and exercises into our programs we give members a safer and more exciting workout. 


  • Increases Your Motivation

  • Helps You Shatter Plateaus

  • Decreases Your Risk of Injury

  • Prevents Your Muscles From Adapting  

  • Keeps Out The Evil Twins Burnout and Boredom

  • Stops You From Ghosting Your Workout Buddy