How do I book a workout class?

Booking workouts is extremely convenient. Book online by going to your REGYMEN location page accessable from the main menu under “Locations”. Use the schedule on the locations page to book a class, or through our Fitmetrix mobile app. You may also call the studio to reserve your spot.

How much are your memberships?

Our membership prices are customized based on your goals and needs. We welcome prospective members to enjoy one complimentary workout, which you can book online here then discuss the best plan for you after your workout with one of our friendly staff members.

What is REGYMEN?

REGYMEN is a dynamic fitness concept that combines three of the best workout programs for one incredible price. Each location offers a welcoming, high energy atmosphere where the health and happiness of members take first priority and the workouts fly by.

Our top member programs are Burn, Box and Build. Burn is a science-backed HIIT workout that incorporates cardio and weights for high calorie loss. Box is a hybrid cardio and strength training session with heavy bag training. Build is centered around increasing lean body mass while improving strength, flexibility, and technique. All our programs have camaraderie in common: we’re focused on bringing people together in the spirit of social fitness.

How early should I arrive for my first workout?

You should arrive 30 minutes early. This will allow you to spend time with your coach reviewing the equipment and the structure of the workout.

What sets us apart from other gyms?

We’ve found a way to fuse technology with workouts backed by science in a welcoming, social atmosphere where the trainers go above and beyond. Not only are you going to have a blast with our gaming approach, you’re going to love our creative programming and ever-changing workout options that give you room to grow. REGYMEN combines interactive play and unparalleled program variety to drive member success to a new level.. all under one hour!

WHY 3 different programs?

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have told me a faster horse.”

– Henry Ford

Let’s consider that line for a moment. Broken down into simplest terms, it means that people don’t always look for change. At REGYMEN, your success thrives on it.

We offer three different programs because we’ve learned that when members participate in multiple, evolving workout types they stay engaged, avoid burnout, and dodge the dreaded plateau. They also enjoy a greater sense of challenge. This all translates to a more effective fitness experience as you work toward your personal vision of health.

Humans are machines, meaning we can accomplish whatever we are trying to learn, and we want you to learn that movement can be done differently every day.

Our BURN program is designed to be high paced at your pace. This means you’ll be challenged, but in a safe way as you follow the heart rate zones using our studio technology.

Our BOX platform is designed to engage you in creating increased agility and mobility – imagine moving more fluidly and reacting faster. You even get to name your bag – in fact, we want you too. We fully understand giving a bag a name as you commence to beating the hell out of it!

Our BUILD platform is designed to go a little slower but with more focus on developing muscular strength and mobility.

So, why three programs? The real science behind this is human nature: we want to give you some variety and choices. By nature, if you have a few choices, you will be happier and you will stay with us at REGYMEN even longer, giving us time to post on social media bragging on your results.

Is this workout designed for everybody? What if I haven’t worked out in years? 

Our workout is unique due to the fact that we have a coach leading the entire group. You can be a beginner or an experienced athlete. No matter what shape you’re in our workout is designed to maximize results for all levels. Because we use heart rate technology to guide you through specific heart rates zones we can create a safe, effective workout for everyone.

What results should I see from regularly attending REGYMEN workouts?

The results you get from REGYMEN far outweigh the results you get from thinking about working out!

After three to five REGYMEN workouts, you will begin to move better, feel more strength, and have increased energy in your everyday activities. Your stress levels will begin to decrease as you attend regularly. Our workouts will pump endorphins into your body (a.k.a. the brain’s “feel good” neurotransmitters), and once this happens, the mind will also benefit.  REGYMEN’s trio of programs are designed to do exactly this, so the short answer to this question is, you’ll feel like a champion.

How long do the workouts last? Should I arrive early to warm up?

Our goal is to get you in and out the door within the hour.  At the end, our coaches will guide you through a stretching and cool-down period. If your scheduled workout has a start time of 6:30 am, you can be walking out of the door by 7:30 am.

We encourage you to plan to stay longer because chances are you’ll be making friends and enjoying the unique social atmosphere that you can only find at REGYMEN.